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2010-01-25 23:40:31.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Can I help you?


Guess who…it’s your favorite summit cat, Marty, with a few of my deep and distinguished thoughts (translated by Mike, my second-favorite observer). I wanted Steve (the one with the accent) to interpret, but he wouldn’t give me the time of day!

Since I last checked in with all of you wonderful, adoring fans, there have been some changes amidst my summit domain.

Those interns Mary Ellen and Will are gone. I especially miss Mary Ellen, because she used to keep MY spot on the couch toasty warm. But now that she’s gone, I’ve had to sit on a cold couch and warm it up myself. This does not bode well for my kitty bottom that likes to be nice and cozy all the time!

To replace those interns, there have been some new human faces on the summit that I have not fully evaluated. First there was Drew, who popped up a few weeks ago. Where did HE come from? I’m not quite sure if I approve of this new intern yet, so I’ve kept my pretty kitty eyes on him very closely. Then, a week later, there was Nick. I have had even less time to size him up, so I will have to continue to watch his every move as well. I am extremely fussy about my interns, and I hope they don’t expect me to snuggle up to them right away. I am no canine!

There was a big to-do last week when a few strangers appeared amidst my kitty-dom for two days. One of them seemed very important, and was talking to Brian quite a bit. I tried to get on camera, but they did not seem interested in me. How could they come to the summit and not want to give the most integral and by far the prettiest living thing up here some face time? How impolite!

In between assessing interns and taking my essentially frequent cat naps, I’ve tried to keep my purrrfect figure in form with some light afternoon exercises, such as taking sprints through the building and jumping onto top bunks. I also attempt to keep those all-too-easily-entertained observers busy by allowing them to dangle a string in front of me. If I have had enough rest and am not tuckered from my other activities, I will humor them and play with the string for a bit. How they are so easily amused, I will never know.

And for all of you out there wondering about my health-well, I can tell you I am feeling much improved since my issues last year, and I now feel I am in fabulous feline form!

Until next time!


Marty,  Summit Cat

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