Marty on the Mountain!

2008-01-16 17:29:52.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer

Already getting comfortable….

The so called Electoral College met last Thursday and Friday to meet Marty, Wilson, and Sarah in person and make the final decision on who would become the next mascot of the Observatory. The Electoral College actually only consisted of myself and now former intern Aubrie. Ryan could not make it as he had travel plans on our week off.

Each cat certainly made their impression on us. Sarah was friendly, but just seemed too shy for summit life. Wilson reminded me a lot of Nin. He was very laid back and very friendly. He even hopped into my lap and started purring at one point, seemingly trying to pleed his case. Marty was very social and full of energy. The second he was let out of his cage he darted around, chasing after his favorite toys. On Friday, after expending some energy, he calmed down a lot and was also quite affectionate.

After meeting the candidates and certainly taking the popular vote into great account, Marty was chosen. He was brought up today with shift change to take his post on the Rockpile. He did great on his trip up in the snow tractor and I let him out of his carrier in the living room just after arrival. He was noticeably spooked and tentative at first, but after only half an hour he was warming up to the crew, rubbing against our legs and purring. I am very impressed at how quickly he is adapting to his new home and I can tell he is going to fit in very well here.

Here are a few more pictures:

Handing Marty over at shift change

Marty in the living room

Rolling on the floor


Brian Clark,  Observer

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