Marty’s Vaccination Today

2011-08-14 11:47:15.000 – Rick Giard,  Observer / Educational Specialist

Marty Confined to Quarters

As the only permanent full-time resident on the Summit, our Observatory cat Marty generally has freedom to come and go as he pleases. I say ‘our’ loosely, because he characteristically seems to think that he owns the place – King of the Mountain, as it were. Especially in summer, he generally roams and explores at will, inside and out. He is also very territorial and protective when other animals ‘invade’ his turf, and has often been observed standing off with domesticated and wild animals – dogs, foxes, etc. To his credit he usually succeeds in warding off the invaders, as I have seen several dogs on leash cautiously backing away as Marty advances toward them in a menacing manner.

However, this habit of fending off invaders brings the potential risk of rabies. So, it is important to keep vaccinations up to date. Today is the day for Marty’s vaccination, and we are keeping him temporarily restricted to quarters. He seems quite depressed about his sudden loss of freedom, and is looking rather forlorn this morning. And, although I had not been much of a cat person before working and living up here, he has become a good companion. I miss having him hang out in the weather room early in the morning during my radio programs, and later coming in for a snack or a nap.

Doctor Cassell is expected by early afternoon, so hopefully all will be back to normal soon. Marty will be King of the Mountain once again!


Rick Giard,  Observer / Educational Specialist

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