Misty mountain top, and an ernesto update!

2006-09-01 08:15:59.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Misty Mountain Top…

I’m quite sure that everyone with outdoor plans in the White Mountains this weekend has their weather eyes fixed to the south, squarely on Ernesto. Already the peak is seeing some effects, as high clouds are streaming in from the southeast, and these will likely thicken up through the day. High clouds shouldn’t ruin anyone’s plans, the sun will surely be shining through.

The question remains though…will it rain out the weekend, or will it move west? How long can this strong high pressure area hold…as it looks now, most of the moisture will initially move to the west of the peak, keeping summits free of showers through Saturday, and perhaps even part of Sunday, so certainly not a washout of a weekend. This is of course all dependant on the exact track, and an easterly jog could change this forecast significantly…so be sure to check the weather again before any weekend hiking!

Until the rain arrives, we’ll enjoy high pressure, and all the great visibility and morning undercasts that come with high pressure in the fall. Such was the case this morning at sunrise, and the first light hit the mist that draped itself over the peak with quite dramatic results! I look forward to many more autumn morning like this to come!!!!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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