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2011-06-02 16:16:41.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


What a change from yesterday! Twenty four hours ago we were sweltering in the mid 50s and able to walk around comfortably outside in just T-shirt and shorts. Well not today.

Late this morning we fell below the freezing mark and with winds sustained around 70 mph it is no longer T-shirt weather out there. Glaze ice is also forming now and we’ve even had snow and ice pellets – in fact it’s starting to look like winter again. Is it really June?


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Living in Winter Wonderland

January 15th, 2024|Comments Off on Living in Winter Wonderland

Living in a Winter Wonderland By Tricia Hutton Hi! I’m Tricia, an intern at Mount Washington Observatory. I am just a few days into my internship at MWO and it has already exceeded all

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