More tent testing

2010-04-25 17:45:46.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

Marty, solidifying his ownership of the summit

Yesterday Mike F. and I set up yet another tent that we are testing for Backpacker Magazine. This tent is the 6th and final tent tested for them, and like 4 of the other tents that we have tested over the last month or so, it did not make it through the night completely intact. Winds were sustained at ‘only’ 40 mph, but yet managed to snap the pole that supports the front vestibule.

I happened to be the one who attempted to sleep in the tent this time. Although I was able to stay out the entire night, despite the broken pole, the relentless noise of the wind did not allow for much restful sleep. For the 7 hours I was out there, I probably only slept for 4 of them, in half an hour intervals. Upon exiting the tent (which wasn’t easy with a broken vestibule) I was greeted by a very nice scene, which made the poor night of sleep a little easier to handle, at least for that moment.

Marty spent plenty of time outside again today, and decided he would get in on the tent testing. I had let him outside during an observation, and then came back out a little while later to check on him, but I didn’t seem him nearby the observation deck. A couple minutes later, much to my surprise, I see him emerge from the tent. I found him there again later on in the afternoon, looking very cozy. I’ll be sure to get his input on the evaluation form when I fill that out.


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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