Mount Washington is an Awesome Place for one to Visit, Work and/or Volunteer.

2013-08-27 22:21:50.000 – Ruth S. Innes,  Summit Volunteer

Most of the Crew Poses on the Summit

As a volunteer with the MWOBS you not only may ‘perfect’ your cooking skills, but you also will have the opportunity to experience the unique climate of the place that was considered sacred to the Abanaki. The staff will patiently explain what is happening (weather wise), when there will be torrential rain, high winds, snow, sleet, hail or sun and why weather occurs as it does. I spent a lot of time watching the various weather displays as the weather changed rapidly from clear to cloudy and perhaps back again. Working with them gave me an understanding that weather people live a life beyond that of the weather room. After eating ‘family style meals’ there is time to play games, watch all sorts of media, go up to the tower and stand against the wind or just talk about life.

As a volunteer I felt very much a part of the organization. Meal planning was fun (really!). Going up to the visitors’ center in the morning before the public came up and enjoying the sounds of the wind and the phenomenal view started the day on a positive note. Hiking to the Alpine Gardens and having the time to really identify the vegetation was great. Just to be able to spend time on Mt. Washington without worrying about having to leave to hike to your planned destination or worrying about missing the Cog was wonderful. I definitely would recommend this experience to all who have a sense of adventure, humor and love life!!


Ruth S. Innes,  Summit Volunteer

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