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2011-01-25 16:36:26.000 – Gates Ingram & Lance Stouenburgh,  Summit Volunteers

Sunset yesterday.

This has been quite a week for us, some of the ‘Worst Weather’ seen or experienced for several years at this time (Jan) and certainly the most dynamic of volunteer shifts. Winds for most of the week were above 50+ (mostly 65+) MPH sustained, with gusts up to 102 MPH; combined with temps at -15F when we arrived at shift change dropping to -34F thru Sunday night. Throw in the wind chill factor of – 50F to -84F until today (Tues) AM when it finally broke above 0 and you’ve got one very cold and windy place. Oh yes, to top it off, we had two beautiful 80 to 110 mile visibility days with gorgeous, brilliant views of the Atlantic Ocean and everything in between. If only we could have spent more than a few minutes outside trying to savor what it must be like on Mt. Everest. But duty called: we had 3 groups of visitors scheduled over 4 days, Thur thru Sun, with a fourth that got cancelled ‘due to bad weather’.

So it goes. Marty sends a warm ‘meow’ and we say- ‘Bring it on’!!


Gates Ingram & Lance Stouenburgh,  Summit Volunteers

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