My First Few Days

2017-01-27 11:10:51.000 – Aryeh Cooperman, Summit Intern


I began my journey to Mount Washington Observatory on Wednesday morning. I had no idea the type of conditions I would experience at the summit. I arrived at the base where I was introduced to members of the summit team, as well as the transportation team. The snow cat ride took just under 4 hours to make it to the summit. The ride was fairly enjoyable with fun conversation and frequent stops to enjoy the scenery.

When we arrived at the summit, I was in shock as to the low visibility and high winds. Over the next few hours I was quickly brought up to speed with the current and upcoming conditions on the mountain. My next day on the summit was a very interesting day. Winds picked up very quickly as snow began to cover the icy summit floor. I was introduced to the many tasks completed on a day to day basis on the mountain.

I have enjoyed my first few days at the summit. I am looking forward to spending more time learning about the constantly changing weather conditions on the summit.


Aryeh Cooperman, Summit Intern

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