My First Week

2014-05-25 15:11:01.000 – Caleb Meute,  Summit Intern

View On Hike to Mount Clay

The week is beginning to wind down as we are coming to the end of our shift and to be completely honest with you all, I am not entirely thrilled because I have not yet experienced the Mount Washington extremes! Thankfully, I have an entire summer ahead of me to spend here. It is just incredible on this summit and something quite extraordinary for me as I am so passionate about severe weather.

I haven’t experienced the strong winds that Mount Washington is known for yet, but it looks like they will be in the forecast tonight and tomorrow! I have been exposed to the thick fog that is so prevalent on the summit which helps me understand why this mountain is not something to underestimate.

As Arielle noted in her post yesterday, we decided to go on a hike to Mt. Clay Thursday morning which was a whole lot of fun! This was certainly a humbling experience however, as I thought I was in shape. Well, there is less oxygen up here and my body quickly indicated this to me!


Caleb Meute,  Summit Intern

Overview of Lapse Rate Research

May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

Overview of Lapse Rate Research By Karl Philippoff As a weather observer and research specialist on top of Mount Washington, in addition to my usual observer duties such as taking hourly observations, releasing forecasts,

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