My First Week As An Intern

2009-08-31 14:28:28.000 – Will Tourtellot,  Summit Intern


With my first shift as and intern drawing to a close, I want to express how excited I am to be here! Fall and winter are rapidly approaching and I have never experienced a New England fall or an extreme Mount Washington winter. Settling in at the Observatory has been very easy, and our accommodations are much different than what I have been used to since March while working in the AMC’s Hut system. It’s sort of like living in the ‘front-country,’ on a mountain with more extreme weather and exposure than one would find in the backcountry.

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of autumn and I cannot wait to photograph the north country in as the leaves change. However, the arrival of autumn also means the arrival of extreme weather on Mount Washington and I can’t wait for that either!!!


Will Tourtellot,  Summit Intern

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