My Perfect Day

2013-08-17 18:13:31.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Some of todays visitors on the summit.

Everyone has their version of what a ‘perfect weather day’ is. To some, it may be 100F with ample sunshine. To others, it might be 20F below zero with howling winds and snow. For me, well, that’s a sliding definition depending on the season. For summer, today would be my very definition of ‘perfect.’ Temperatures were seasonable as they crested in the upper 40s. While this may seem cool or cold to many, when you get acclimated to it like us, it is short sleeve shirt and shorts weather. Winds were ‘low’ (at least for summit standards) as they ranged 15-30 mph; a speed that is ideal to keep you cool when hiking or outdoors and even better , it keeps the bugs at bay and suppressed below us. Visibility was far reaching and skies were a mix of sunshine and a few clouds.

But we weren’t the only ones partaking in today’s stellar weather as ASOS sites around the region were showing some nice weather with the added benefit of warmer temperatures, low to no winds, ample sunshine, and low humidity levels. If, like me, today was your definition of a perfect weather day, the good news is tomorrow’s weather is looking almost identical, the only difference being it will be slightly warmer. If you want it warmer with higher humidity, well, you’ll be getting your chance during the next work week as the high slides east. This will keep skies fair but a return flow will start bumping temperatures and RH levels ever so higher. So, hopefully you get a chance to enjoy this enjoyable taste of summer over the next few days whether you’re hiking a summit or just relaxing out on your deck with your favorite book.


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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