My Summit Vices Part 3: TV, Crafts, Home, and the Cat

2017-12-06 07:59:18.000 – Nicole Tallman, Summit Intern


As Mike and Adam have already hinted at, life on the summit is not always beautiful views with bluebird skies. We are quite often socked in the clouds limiting not only visibility but also the time we spend outside. When the weather cooperates it is nice to go for a hike around the summit cone, or sit on one of the many rocks of the Rockpile and take in a stunning sunset. However, there is a high demand for indoor activities to keep you sane throughout the many foggy days. Here are some of the daily things that keep my sanity in check (mostly).

 Figure 1: One of the beautiful views we have when not socked in the fog. 

First up, after shift Shenanigans:

One thing is for sure that you have to be a unique person to want to work at 6288’. With that said, the shift that I have been interning on is full of many quirks and personalities. If you follow the Mount Washington Snapchat (shameless self-promotion: MWObs231), you have seen the goofiness that usually comes about right around 7 pm. We all gather in the living room to either watch one of our many TV series we follow (Stranger Things, GoT, or anything with Gordon Ramsay), watch football (Go Giants!), play games, or in many cases to just enjoy some laughs together. Pillow fights and YouTube videos often fill the night with many laughs and smiles which is much needed after some long days in the clouds.

Secondly, a familiar face:

Working about 450 miles from home can come with some challenges, like missing football games, family parties, birthdays or just missing a casual gathering of friends. Every so often when I find myself missing out, I’ll get a video chat from friends and family. Their calls consistently put a smile on my face and let me feel included even when I am far away. I also love being able to show them my life on the summit!

 Figure 2: Video chatting with my pup!

Can’t forget arts and crafts time:

When I interviewed for this internship they asked me about some of my indoor hobbies. While I’m sure I gave them the typical “I enjoy reading” answer I also have other somewhat quirky hobbies. I like to embrace my inner grandma and knit quite frequently once the weather gets cold (which is all the time up here). I recently have been keeping my hands busy after shift by knitting scarves as Christmas presents. I occasionally get some strange looks from my shift members as I sit on the couch cranking out knits and purls. I have also recently picked up calligraphy which I am able to practice in between forecasting, observing and writing these blog posts!

Figure 3: Some of my projects I am currently working on in my off time at the summit.  

Last but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite MWObs staff member:

Marty! It is true that having a pet makes this building atop a mountain top feel more like a home. When work gets stressful or you’ve just had a long day, a few pets to our beloved furry friend will put a smile on your face. I was not a cat person before interning at the observatory, to be honest, I was convinced cats were out to kill us all, but Marty has changed those views! He will definitely be missed when I move on after this internship.

Figure 4: Everyone’s favorite MWObs staffer deciding that I have done enough work for the day. 


Nicole Tallman, Summit Intern

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