My time on the summit

2006-11-18 08:33:13.000 – Rita Soboleski,  Summit Intern

Cloud spill over Mt. Monroe

The weather up here would make any trip worth it. Since I have been here we have gone from record highs of 49 yesterday and hurricane force winds to a calm sunrise of normal temperatures this morning. Being up here these last few days I have a new found respect for the people that live here. It’s a daunting task at 12:45am to fix instruments in the dark, but nothing phases the people here, they love it. The love they have rubs off, people call everyday sometimes just to see how the mountain is doing. Like the lady yesterday who called to say she would like to volunteer here for Christmas. I understand now I will come back when I can to see nature’s awesome power at perfect display; the eddies swirling yesterday, down and up as we went in and out of fog. The sunrise this morning was nothing short of breath taking (photos by Jon and Neil). While my time here is being cut short due to the flu, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I learned so much in such a short time and have more respect than ever for the weather. Life leads us on all sorts of paths and I hope one day it will lead all of you to this mountain.

The same cloudspill before the sun rose.

The observation tower.

The old TV building basement.


Rita Soboleski,  Summit Intern

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