NCON3 Goes Live on the MWObs Mesonet Webpage

2015-12-29 17:37:44.000 – Roger Pushor, IT Specialist


After they finished helping Santa load his sleigh, some of Santa’s Elves were busy over the Christmas weekend getting the new RainWise MKIII-LR Weather Station located at the NCON3 site reporting on our Mesonet Map. RainWise Incorporated of Trenton, Maine, donated their top of the line automatic weather station that uploads temperature, precipitation, wind, barometric pressure and relative humidity data every minute to our Website. You’ll find the information from this site in the lower right corner of the map labeled “WDC” for Weather Discovery Center.

NCON station at the Weather Discovery Center

The station is located adjacent to the Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center Museum on Pine Street in North Conway, NH. Unlike all of our other Mesonet sites which use Campbell Scientific equipment, data from this site is provided via a RainWise MK III LR Weather Station. The station is also home to NCON3, the National Weather Service COOP station from which a daily observation is transmitted to the National Weather Service each morning at 7:00 am. This station also provides the real-time North Conway weather data for the daily Morning Weather Show on local radio station WMWV. If you happen to miss the Morning Weather Show on WMWV you can view the past year’s observations here.


Roger Pushor, IT Specialist

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