New Faces and Interesting Weather

2014-06-09 20:33:12.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Kaitlyn and I pause to look at the storm.

Yesterday, our interns went for a hike to Lakes of the Clouds/Mt. Monroe to visit a new peak and meet our closest neighbors – the Lakes of the Cloud Hut Croo. Today, it was the Observers turn as Weather Observer/Educational Specialist Kaitlyn O’Brien and myself made the quick trek down to the hut. We briefly made introductions and conversation to some of the Croo before we decided to head back to work. As we headed out the hut, fellow Weather Observer Michael Dorfman came across the radio to tell us of a possible thunderstorm heading our way. As we rounded the southern side of the hut to verify what he was seeing, sure enough there was a cumulonimbus cloud with a shaft of rain falling beneath it. We asked for additional information (location, speed, track, height, etc.) and after an educated discussion (sometimes it pays to be a meteorologist), we decided to trail run back to the summit. While there was plenty of rain falling on us the entire time, no lightning ever came about. Now in the shelter of the Observatory and NH State Parks Sherman Adams building we are watching the activity billowing up all around us. So between seeing new faces and interesting weather, it was a great afternoon.

Observer Footnote : A reminder to register for Seek the Peak ( our annual fundraiser to support our non-profit Observatory. While the date (July 18-19) is over a month away, it will be here faster than you know it!


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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