New Year

2011-01-01 08:19:45.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


Happy New Year!

Just a very quick comment to update everyone with the latest happenings from the summit. Firstly our radio link to the valley is back after we finally managed to dislodge the glaze ice from our microwave dish.

Yesterday we also installed our backup Pitot complete with a heated tube, heat tapes and insulation. So far it is performing well and matching our RM Young anemometer – we are all crossing our fingers and hoping that it carries on working when the temperature falls below the freezing mark sometime early tomorrow morning.

Our New Year’s celebration went very well – I’m still suffering from eating way too much food. Our volunteers, John and Ed, really excelled with an absolutely amazing nine course meal, which lasted over two and half hours, absolutely heaven. We’ll post pictures etc later.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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