Nin down the mountain

2006-11-16 18:02:35.000 – Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern


Starting another shift on Mount Washington is met with some sadness, as Nin, the boss, was brought down the mountain during shift change yesterday for a veterinary visit. It’s weird not having him jump up onto my lap while sitting or constantly begging for food/attention. It’s probably like empty nest syndrome; when all of the kids are gone to college the house is quiet and calm, well when the cat is out for a vet visit the observatory is quiet and calm. Hopefully he’ll return to the summit on next week’s shift change.

The weather up here is continuing to be unseasonably (unreasonably) warm with our sixth straight day averaging above freezing. Yesterday started off nice as we were above the clouds until the afternoon when we were put back into the fog and have stayed there since. We had a few rain showers today, but no torrential rains yet. We’re expecting the winds to go up near 100 mph tonight. Hopefully we don’t get a thunderstorm so we can play outside!


Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern

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