No sunsets, but high wind, sub-freezing temps, ice and sleet!

2013-09-08 16:10:59.000 – Brian Fitzgerald,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

Observer Mike Carmon observing lenticular clouds.

While there may not have been a visible sunset last evening, there was plenty of weather excitement during the Observatory’s annual Sunset Soiree. Guests of the Observatory were greeted at the summit with temperatures falling through the mid 40s and winds sustained between 50-65 miles per hour. Those who were willing to brave the winds on the observation deck had a spectacular view of lenticular clouds forming above the Wildcat and Presidential ranges.

Fast forward to this afternoon, and the Rockpile is experiencing more winter-like conditions with temperatures tumbling through the 30s and eventually the 20s this evening, with winds gusting so far up to 80 miles per hour. Ice pellet showers and glaze icing have only added to the winter excitement today- and as you might imagine the summit crew, myself included, have been more than happy to run up the tower stairs to de-ice the instruments and try to catch ice pellets. Hard to believe models are suggesting near record highs on Wednesday!

Although it was said last night, it’s worth saying a HUGE Thank You again to Mount Washington State Park, the Mount Washington Auto Road and Thompson House Eatery for all of their help with last night’s Soiree! For more information about the Mount Washington Observatory and upcoming events, visit!


Brian Fitzgerald,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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