2010-09-08 00:15:00.000 – Harriet and Priscilla,  Summit Volunteers

We’re back!!!!!

Cooking for the crew this year was like discovering our free, creative inner selves. We have evolved, in our third year, from “Thelma and Louise” to “Julia and Julie” to, this year, “Frik and Frak”—-which included a number of flops—but these kids eat ANYTHING!!

“Snow Pudding” became “Rime Ice” and “Ginger Cookies” became–Voila–“Flat Rocks.” A new MWOB was created—“Rime on the Rocks”–served with a yummy Custard Sauce. Other efforts included an excellent “Carrot Cake” which took more time to research than to bake and an attempt at “Challah Bread” became “Tasty French Rock Toast.”

On the upside, Italian night was WOW!! (If we do say so) We invited the Croo and two guests to Bella Cuccina for “Stella Roma Lasagna,” Tortellini with Fresh Basil and Walnut Pesto “Salat,” followed by “Primo Italian Blueberry Pie.”——-Let’s not forget the Bruschetta!!!!

Our “End of the Shift Soup,” (a la Ken R.) which included refuse from the refrigerator and assorted pantry findings, was a colorful purple, orange and green. Comment from the new intern, Erica, as she peered into the pot, “It’s Blue!” and “Pretty Tasty.” (See-they eat anything!) *This soup was named for Ken R. who discouraged us from throwing ANYTHING out!!

Being at the MWOB for a week, offers us much more than we give—-Ever changing vistas of our grand mountains while hiking on the Jewell Trail with views into the Great Gulf Wilderness, meeting and greeting good people including AT Thru Hikers. We have really enjoyed being with the MWOB Staff/Family: Brian, Mike, Ryan, Ryane and Erica.

This morning, we ended our week with an incredible rainbow which began somewhere on the Jewell Trail and seemed to arc into the Great Gulf Wilderness.

“Stand like a Mountain and Flow Like a River” Anonymous


Harriet and Priscilla,  Summit Volunteers

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