2010-08-31 16:37:30.000 – Jennifer Finn,  Summit Intern

Half the cold room painted

As the fog that has engulfed the mountain all day begins to clear out, my second week on the Rockpile slowly comes to an end. It has been quite an eventful and, luckily at some times, sunny week.

On my last off week, I spent a good half day at L.L Bean stocking up on all the hiking and cold weather gear that I had quickly realized I needed. I got my first (real) pair of hiking boots, so I was itching to go out and try them once I got up here. I finally got to go on my first hike up here on Saturday. Conditions were warm and sunny as Stacey and I made our way down to Lakes of the Clouds, thanks to the Bermuda high that had parked itself over the region the past couple of days. More importantly, my boots worked out great. I was a little (or a lot) more out of breath on than I hoped to be the way back, but it was an overall excellent hike. For more on that, check out this weeks ObsCast.

Yesterday, Steve and I continued repainting the inside of the observatory tower. The inside of the room leading to the observation deck was painted a shade of white. It looks great in contrast to the bright red ladders that Rebecca recently painted. The flood of the cold room was tackled next, and that proved to be a little trickier. Half of the floor was waterproofed and painted gray last night with hopes that the summit would remain out of the fog and not get the floor wet. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The paint did not dry as expected because of pesky fog that hung around last night and throughout the day today. It’s still a little tacky and wet, but hopefully it will be dry enough to finish this week and continue making the tower look shiny and new.


Jennifer Finn,  Summit Intern

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