2010-08-14 16:02:00.000 – Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

Marty snuggled up to the 1960 observations

Like Jennifer said yesterday, the last three days on the summit have been gorgeous. The high pressure overhead has brought very light winds, fairly clear skies and good visibility. The highest wind speed over the last 3 days was 17 mph on Thursday. Overall visibility has been nice over the last few days as well, with only intermittent fog at times and low clouds obstructing the visibility. This has lead to some great hiking weather. In fact, our observers have been getting out for a bit of hiking over the last couple days. I had my fun last week with a hike over to Mount Clay, so today I get to stay here and do normal intern tasks.

My task for this afternoon was going to be historical data entry. The Observatory has years of observations in books that have been entered into an online database, but need to be double checked. Over the past few months, it has been enjoyable to see the weather change through 1960 as I worked through that year and double checked the data. As I sat down to work on 1960 this afternoon I was visited by your friend and mine, Marty. Marty and I haven’t always been on the best of terms. I am definitely much more of a dog person, and Marty is not a dog. But we have slowly found common ground, he likes treats and I know where the treats live.

He wandered over looking for a few treats, and then I started to brush him. Then he started to get comfy by my keyboard, and across my 1960 book. Yes, my goal for the afternoon, data entry, now turned into, ‘But there’s a cat on my book.’ Since I already disrupted him from his earlier cat nap during a tour, I haven’t had the heart to remove him from my book. So now, I sit here trying to think of something else to do while Marty snoozes away.


Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

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