2010-07-01 14:58:53.000 – Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

July snow on the observation deck

Welcome to July everyone! When I think of July, I think of warm temperatures and days spent at the beach. Mother Nature had her own idea of July today when she welcomed us into this lovely summer month with snow. Yes, snow!! Snow is something I rarely think of in July, unless I’m using the thought of winter as a way to get through the hot days of summer.

Today, with a high in the mid 30’s and showers in the forecast, snow was definitely possible, but the idea of snow in July never crossed my mind. So when Stacey yelled ‘It’s snowing!’, I knew I needed to see it to believe it. To my delight, when I looked out the office window snowflakes were splattering on the window and whipping by in the wind.

The snow showers continued on and off for a few hours, drawing amazement from the staff, this weeks volunteers and all the visitors. Though there wasn’t enough snow to completely coat the deck, there was enough to leave just a trace in the corners of the observation deck and give me a new idea of what July could be.


Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

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