2010-06-05 17:38:02.000 – Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday started out foggy but soon cleared out to reveal a sunny day. One of the receptors for our weather monitoring equipment located on the Lakes in the Clouds AMC hut needed to be fixed, so Stacey and I trekked down to repair it. With temperatures averaging in the upper 40s to lower 50s, this made for a perfect day to do so. Along the way, we were able to admire the freshly blooming flowers and how green everything has become.

Today started out foggy and has persisted for the duration of the day thus far. However, that does not mean that the day has been without excitement. With the issue of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for the greater Vermont and New Hampshire area, we have kept busy monitoring the radar to see if the storm will come our way. All of us in the observatory are anticipating where the storm will go and if we will get to see some of this activity.


Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern

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