2010-06-02 16:27:30.000 – Eric Fisher,  Summit Volunteer

Time to leave the summit (begrudgingly). My first trip to the peak of Mt. Washington was about as enjoyable and interesting as I could have imagined. The weather cooperated nicely, giving us a sample of lightning on the horizon, near hurricane force gusts, beautiful sunsets, 5 nice hiking days, and even some undercast; all in the span of a week. Only one day of fog! Not too shabby. The Alpine flowers are starting to bloom, and the snow fields are shrinking quickly.

The crew was fantastic (although they tested my culinary skills and production ability by devouring everything in sight) and my face still hurts from laughing so much during dinner, the only time all 7 of us get to spend some time together. If you haven’t spent any time up here before, I’d highly recommend it!

Observer’s Note:Join us next weekend for our annual meeting dinner and presentation in Crawford Notch!Annual Meeting!


Eric Fisher,  Summit Volunteer

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