2010-05-23 16:03:55.000 – Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

The cog going down on a beautiful day

As Mike announced early this week, the interns have arrived. I’m one of the two summer interns on this shift, you heard from Sabrina, the other intern, yesterday. Today is only my second day on duty, but I’m already having a fantastic time, and trying to learn as much as possible. As a NH native and a weather junkie, I volunteered on the summit a few summers ago, and knew I needed to take it one step further and become a summit intern one day. That day is today!!

As an intern, I’ve become a jack of all trades. It’s not just about using my weather knowledge, though my meteorology degree will prove useful. There has been shirt folding and poster rolling down in the museum shop, data entry, comment writing, and tour guiding in addition to observation taking. There has been a bit of meteorology fun though. I was helping Steve with the observations yesterday and I was able to use a sling psychrometer, an instrument used to determine the dewpoint, for the first time since my meteorology lab back in college!

So far, summit life has been pretty uneventful weather wise. The last two days on the summit have been absolutely gorgeous with temperatures in the 50’s and great visibility. There was a slight risk of a shower yesterday, but it quickly moved to our north and left us dry. The next few days are supposed to be just as good, if not better. This weather is definitely not what I thought I would be experiencing at the ‘Home of the World’s Worst Weather.’ I know the weather will change as the summer moves on. Fronts will come through, lows will pass by, and Mount Washington will definitely live up to its title.


Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

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