2010-05-04 16:24:36.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Where’d they all go?

And then there were 2…

I don’t know what’s been going on, but the observers seem to be dropping like flies. First of all, two weeks ago the British guy went missing. And, there weren’t nice people in the kitchen to feed me treats all day long. I actually had to go into the weather room for my daily dose of adoration. Things got better. When the blond boy came up, he brought with him the red head, my second favorite night observer, and two very nice people who were all about giving me treats and attention. Then it got worse.

Someone put this thing around my neck; it jingles when I walk, which really cuts into my stealth factor. How am I supposed to stalk mice and birds if they can hear me from a mile away?! Well, then it started to snow, just as I was mentally preparing myself for summer and all of my adoring fans. I got a little anxious, because I knew it was time for the other guys to come up, and I worried that the snow would keep them in this place everyone calls ‘the valley’.

Well, the other guys came up, but once again, they failed to bring me any new loyal subjects. Once again, I had to actually make an appearance in the weather room for attention, adoration, and conversation. After they were here for only a couple days, the one they call ‘Intern’ left. Slacker. He didn’t even come close to meeting his ‘attention to Marty (me)’ quota. So, in order to fill the time, I’ve been extra cuddly and affectionate. The British guy came back, and the blond girl is actually tolerable. Maybe I’m getting lonely. Either way, my favorite night observer disappeared today. I keep asking the British guy and the blond girl where they took him. They need a serious lesson in ‘cat-speak’. Neither of them has been able to tell me where he is.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Hopefully something will return to normal!


Marty,  Summit Cat

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