2010-04-15 04:58:35.000 – Peter Fisk,  Summit Volunteer


Be careful what you ask for. About two weeks ago I told Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Hemeon, that as I am retired, my schedule was pretty flexible so if she got desperate for a volunteer, ‘give a call.’

Desperation had happened as within about three hours I got an e-mail asking, ‘What are you doing next week?.’

‘Uh, nothing I guess’ replied I.

So here I am 6 1/2 days into my first volunteer shift enjoying the solitude and beauty of Mount Washington in winter/spring. Well, O.K. the first 5 days were virtually 0/0, so I felt like I was the third mate on a submarine, but isn’t that normal? Today, Tuesday is the best it can get, sun, blue skies, 15 mph winds. Wow! Amazing how one day like this can make the other 4 or 5 fade away in your memory.

No major disasters to report. The staff hasn’t starved, the 10 member climbing group that was here Saturday night went away fed and warm, the Viking stove is looking pretty sharp, living quarters might pass the white glove test–well, maybe not but close I hope, and I finally finished the book Ive been reading for ages.

There have been a few minor trials:I set off the fire alarms making tortillas, I have what appear to be terminal dish pan hands,and I almost got frost bite–indoors, no less, digging the chicken out from the bottom of the freezer.

Once I figured where all the supplies and equipment were located all has been fairly smooth. It’s kind of like a cooking ‘away game.’

Time to put on a few layers and enjoy the great out-of-doors while it’s still visible.


Peter Fisk,  Summit Volunteer

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