2009-12-26 14:27:30.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

It looks way better on me!

Meow. Marty here. I think I like this ‘Christmas’ holiday. Two weeks ago, the blond girl and the brunette did something different to the living room. They transformed it into a magnificent play area for me! A small tree had lots of shiny hanging things, and it was lit up! Even when I would knock the funny toys onto the ground and attack the snowflakes, the observers (usually the blond one) would just hang it right back up, for me to play some more! Me-ow!

Lights strung up along my favorite counter begged me to tear them down and there were shiny bits of something called garland hanging by the television. Oh boy, was that fun! Another great thing about this time of year (I noticed last year, too) that we get lots of gifts! New catnip, toys, and treats seem to appear out of nowhere. I wonder if there is something to this Santa Claus business. The observers tell me that it’s our wonderful members who send up the presents. One of my fans sent up a hat, and unfortunately, the blond girl and I had on matching outfits for the celebration. How dare she! That is a fashion faux-pas. Besides, it looked way better on me.

Anyway, my minions would like me to pass along a message. They say thank to you everyone who thought of us this Christmas. Your well wishes and gifts are greatly appreciated and help to make the holiday on the frosty mountain a bit warmer.

I hope everyone had a very Meowy Christmas!



Marty,  Summit Cat

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