2009-10-28 15:21:15.000 – David Matesky,  Summit Volunteer


We had a visitor this week, a photographer from L.L. Bean who was here to shoot some footage for use in future ads and documentaries. He came up Lion’s Head trail and was planning to return back to Pinkham Notch via Boot Spur after having spent the night here. Everyone had a good time talking with him and all are hoping that the video will launch them into future stardom.

Several days ago there was an unbelievable view of the ocean. The sun was glinting off of it brightly and you could see all the way down the coast from Boothbay Harbor down past Dover, NH and almost to Boston. Sebago Lake seemed to be right at my feet. It was phenomenal! On the same day I had a nice hike over the top of Edmund’s Col down to the rim of Huntington Ravine. It was a wonderful continuation of the early morning views. It looks as if Wildcat is ready to get some snow to get skiing started.

About an hour ago a series of clouds appeared in the west. They were large arches in shape and just kept coming as if a wave generator were at work. They finally disappeared when they reached the summit and enveloped us.

As usual, my week up here was enjoyable – primarily because of the crew. In both cases above, it was a member of the crew who made sure that I was there to see everything. Throughout the week they helped with chores that the volunteer usually takes care of. I’m looking forward to coming up to volunteer here again.


David Matesky,  Summit Volunteer

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