2009-10-19 12:08:33.000 – Don Hayes,  Summit Volunteer

Maiden Voyage!

I have been the OBS volunteer for the week and can’t believe it will be over on Wednesday… This is my second stint on the rock pile; the last ten years ago.

I grew up hiking Washington as a teenager with my family and have probably hiked it at least a dozen times with friends, my wife and kids and in recent years my grandchildren. I have been a member of MWOBS for at least fifteen years.

I have been fortunate to have hiked the Grand Tetons at 11,000 feet, North Cascades National Park in Washington, The Grand Canyon, and experienced an active volcano hiking Mt. Pacaya in Guatemala at 8,300 feet, and many of the Whites, Greens and Adirondacks, but my all-time favorite is this mountain that I have been fortunate to be on for the past week.

Our arrival was quite an experience as you can read in the Observer’s comments on October 14, and today a new stove was installed in the kitchen replacing a used 30 year old one. I estimate more than 11,000 meals have been served on the summit to the crew, visitors and Edu trips on the one taken out today! I will be the first to cook on this and will attempt to make a celebratory meal tonight.

I highly recommend anyone reading this column to consider joining the MWOBS, if you are not a member, and consider volunteering for a week sometime. It is an experience you will enjoy and remember for a life time.


Don Hayes,  Summit Volunteer

Spring is Here

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