2009-09-23 07:33:08.000 – Sharon Camp and Sandy Fisher,  Summit Volunteers

Mountain Top High

Friends , though often referred to as sisters, we have experienced many “mountain top” highs through years of volunteer trips near and far. Raised in neighboring Lancaster, Sharon had never been to the summit of Mt Washington. Volunteering as cooks for the Observatory crew became a bucket list priority. We have totally enjoyed cooking our favorites for the dedicated and knowledgeable staff who have made us feel like family for the eight day stay.Weather wise, we have had the most phenomenal week, one that we could never duplicate. Our first morning we were woken for our first sight of the sun rising over the clouds with the mountain peaks poking through. A hike to Lake of the Clouds, a goal for Sandy, was exhilarating even though the clouds drifted in before arrival at the lakes.Within 24 hours, on Friday winds gusting to 84 mph arrived. Attempting to cross the Observation deck in the wind and climbing the Observatory tower through the gusts was a challenge. Through the night, temps dropped to 24 degrees, winds gusted to 91 mph with a wind chill of 1 degree….the weather had taken an exciting change. Our first step out the door to the Observation deck was a sight we were unprepared for. The beauty of rime ice. We accompanied Stacey and Mary Ellen up the tower for de-icing of the weather instruments. We were amazed that with the high winds and icing, the Cog railway kept it schedule. Hikers started appearing from everywhere. The cafeteria was filled by mid-day by those wanting to experience the first extreme weather on the summit for the fall of 2009.Our week was only half over. Sunday and Monday were beautiful clear days with 130 mile visibility to the Atlantic Ocean and five states, gorgeous sunrise and sunset each day, with dazzling stars including shooting stars at night.Staff, volunteers and visitors alike all adore Marty, the Observatory mascot. Hiking on Monday, Marty decided to accompany us down the trail to Gulfside and also posed for photos at the summit.This week was a true mountain top high. We enjoyed the solitude and beauty of God’s creation on the summit. We are blessed.


Sharon Camp and Sandy Fisher,  Summit Volunteers

Overview of Lapse Rate Research

May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

Overview of Lapse Rate Research By Karl Philippoff As a weather observer and research specialist on top of Mount Washington, in addition to my usual observer duties such as taking hourly observations, releasing forecasts,

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