2009-06-13 16:35:11.000 – Amy Terborg,  Summit Intern


This shift seems to have, once again, become the ‘bad weather’ shift. However, even with the rain that hung around until earlier this morning we have managed to stay busy so far.

On Wednesday I went on my first official hike in the mountains. It’s not until you’re scrambling up rocks on your hands and knees that you realize climbing the sand dunes in Michigan doesn’t even come close. While I found myself quite out of breath by the time we returned to the summit, the hike itself was really cool! The fog lifted briefly so it was a chance for me to really get to know some of the area.

After spending time in the museum Friday afternoon we all banded together to give Marty a bath. Surprisingly, after the first few seconds, he sat patiently and waited for us to finish. While he probably didn’t enjoy it he now has shiny fur and he smells great!

Today I got to give my first tour! Yesterday I actually gave a mini ten minute tour to a group of kids, just showing them the weather wall. This morning however, I got to show a family around the entire facility. The weather actually was cooperating so it was a really great day to go out into the tower. I was quite nervous at first, but I think it was probably good for me to go and do something like that. There’s no better way to get rid of your fears than to face them head on!

Now, closing in on the end of my shift, the clouds are slowly moving back in and the rain and fog are forecast to return. However, I have no doubt that there will still be plenty for me to do in the upcoming days. Ah, the life of an intern…


Amy Terborg,  Summit Intern

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