2008-07-09 16:25:07.000 – Kurt Hastings,  Summit Volunteer

Marty takes in his surroundings

One of my favorite activities was taking a hike over to Mt. Clay. Not having climbed much in the past few years it was a good re-introduction into an activity that I enjoyed a lot in my youth. The people that you meet on the trails almost always greet you with a hearty hello, and on several occasions we even stopped to talk, introduce ourselves, and then take the opportunity to talk about the activities and opportunities to volunteer at the observatory. Being up here experiencing the weather changes and seeing the work done on behalf of science has been very enjoyable. When not helping out with volunteer activities (cooking, cleaning and inventory) it was interesting walking through the obs work area, peering over shoulders and asking what was going on. The personal background of the staff was as interesting as their work here. It has been a wonderful weather week up here and I return home with a greater appreciation of the many facets of weather observation that are required to make both short term forecasts and long term meteorological and atmospheric studies. Until next time!


Kurt Hastings,  Summit Volunteer

Overview of Lapse Rate Research

May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

Overview of Lapse Rate Research By Karl Philippoff As a weather observer and research specialist on top of Mount Washington, in addition to my usual observer duties such as taking hourly observations, releasing forecasts,

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