2008-06-18 12:43:45.000 – Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

crepuscular rays at sunset

Mount Washington frequently finds itself in the clouds. But occasionally, we find ourselves above the clouds, a phenomenon called an undercast. I witnessed my first undercast from the summit on Monday, and it was definitely breathtaking. Working and living at the summit, we witness a great number of extreme weather phenomena. When I signed on as an intern, one of my hopes for my time at the summit was to see an undercast.

From the valley, and undercast is just a bunch of fog. But for those brave enough to venture up the slopes to the summit, the experience is rewarding. We have had fairly calm winds all week, so as the clouds settled into the valley, the above cloud setting was very peaceful. An undercast is definitely a sight to be seen. So Monday’s undercast will hopefully be the first of many to come. The ultimate will be an undercast at sunrise or sunset, but for now, I can cross another phenomenon off my list of sights to see while at the summit.


Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

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