2008-06-17 09:53:38.000 – Kristy Medeiros a.k.a. Bretton,  Summit Volunteer

Tip Top house at sunrise

If you’re in love with the White Mountains as much as I am, then you need to get your butt up here and volunteer. What a week my husband Barry and I are having! We arrived on the summit with some fog, but most of the week has been clear enough to do some hiking and enjoy the breathtaking views.

We got to enjoy The Alpine Garden, the smell of the fir trees on Lion’s Head, Mike and Lisa skiing the snow fields, sunsets, ravens flying by, surprise visits from friends and family, the well stocked pantry, dinner with the crew and most of all, the under cast clouds I’ve been waiting all week for, just amazing. Oh-can’t forget Marty… “scratching at your door, let me in love bug” / “leave me alone don’t touch me I’m sleeping.”

Volunteering has given me not only the chance to give haircuts at 6288 feet but also to spoil the Obs crew for all the hard work they do up here. I would like to thank each of you. Stacey… thanks for answering all my stupid questions and the giggles at the dinner table. Lisa.. thanks for loving my cooking. Jeff… thanks for trying coconut and liking it! Deb… sweet Deb… thanks for your kind words. Kyle… thanks for sparkler night, good luck. Last but not least.. Mike… thanks for waking us up for that beautiful sunrise! Cant forget to thank State workers who also made Barry and I feel welcome.

To sum it up, if you don’t mind a little cooking, cleaning, great company, and spectacular views, become a member of The Mt Washington Observatory!


Kristy Medeiros a.k.a. Bretton,  Summit Volunteer

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