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Me enjoying the sunset

This is my second tour volunteering and it’s even better than last. Wearrived early Wed morning to see rime ice coating everything. Just enoughfor us to marvel at it’s beauty in late May and then it melted later inthe day. The first two days were clear, we could see forever and then thefog set in. Count out about 50 rocks and that’s it. I could hear the cogtrain and people but couldn’t see it when it stopped here at the peak tolet off passengers. Other days, the train was barely visible in the fog.People still come up via cog, auto stage and personal cars for such ashort time. That must be their alloted days and time. I feel sofortunate to live here 8 days. We get to eat really good food, theirpantry and freezer supply is enormous. Even if we have to cook it andclean up. The big, old gas stove took a bit to preheat but cooked like acharm. The Observatory and Museum staff are a great group, helpful,funny, personable and appreciative of all foods. Mealtimes were afriendly, humorous, social gathering. I forgot how much milk young adultscan drink.

Marty rested quite a bit during the foggy days, but got realactive when we started to prepare the dinner and afterwards. He’s sofast, you can only hear his collar bell flitting all over. We had prettyhigh winds, a few great sunsets, and lots of fog. We didn’t get cabinfever, because there’s always someone interesting to talk to, cookies tobake and more to learn about the Observatory. Carol and I just met lastweek and we worked together superbly. Good reasons to volunteer again tosee what next year will bring.

Barbara Kresse


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

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