2008-02-24 01:14:24.000 – Kyle Paddleford,  Observer

EduTrippers enjoying the sunset

We did miss the lunar eclipse of a few nights ago due to the ever present fog, however the moon has been shining bright ever since which has really helped out with nighttime observations. It was really bad timing too. The summit went into the fog just prior to the start of the eclipse, and then we broke out of the fog a few hours after the event was done. I guess we’ll have to try again in a few more years.

With the exception of missing the eclipse, this week’s weather has been rather pleasant than that of weeks or months past. Since we arrived on the summit Wednesday, winds have been decreasing and temperatures have been rising. There has been some days spent in the fog, but to make up for it there have been beautiful sunrises (so I’m told) and sunsets into the undercast below. We have even picked up a little bit of snow, bringing us closer to our average for the month as February starts to wind down. It just seems like so much time over the past few months have been spent in the fog.

I always tell people who come to visit on a day like today that they are getting to see a real treat. They may not get to experience the extreme weather, but actually being able to see the sunset outweighs the frequent bitter cold, high winds, and heavy precipitation. Keep in mind that I may be a bit biased since there have been plenty of weeks on the summit this winter where I wonder if the sun still exists. As the saying goes, enjoy it while you can! The crew is watching the next storm slated for Tuesday into Wednesday very closely, and hoping for a smooth shift change on Wednesday rather than Thursday.


Kyle Paddleford,  Observer

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