2011-05-20 14:59:46.000 – Peter Strand,  Summit Intern


Peter here. One of the new summer interns on the shift with Steve, Mike and Rick. Since I arrived on Wednesday, I’ve been running around the summit getting acquainted with anything and everything. Stacey’s been training Tom and me to give tours and do observations. I also trained in the museum and learned about some of the projects I’ll be working on during my time here. I haven’t given a tour yet, but if you’re up to the summit this weekend you might be lucky enough to get my first one. Each day has been packed and I’ve just been trying to soak it all in.

Speaking of soaking it in, the sun came out yesterday! Just for a little bit, though long enough to enjoy a very beautiful sunset. Today we are back in the fog with temperatures in the 40s and mild winds. I’m looking forward to experiencing my first summit thunderstorm, which is likely to happen tonight or tomorrow evening.

Before coming up to the Observatory, I heard how tough life on the summit is. So far, it’s been rather plush! Our volunteers have cooked some fantastic meals, there’s plenty of running water, cell phone service, and even cable TV. I won’t even have to miss any hockey games (go Bruins!) I’m especially looking forward to hiking around to some of the nearby peaks and huts when the fog lifts. I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty more from me before the summer’s out, but so long for now, I have some more training to do!


Peter Strand,  Summit Intern

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