2008-01-14 14:28:07.000 – Joshua Fisher,  Summit Intern

Hiking on a perfect day

Hello everyone,My name is Joshua Fisher and I am a junior meteorology major from Plymouth State University. I am interning on the summit for two weeks in a row! While up here, another Plymouth State intern and I will be working on a research project. In our two weeks we will be gathering and analyzing temperature and precipitation data for the past 71 years, relating this to climate change.

Along with the project, I am up here for the experience and learning environment. As my first week nears its end, I am looking back at what an amazing time I have had. I have been able to experience many new things, including over 100 MPH winds, a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, rime ice, winter hiking and much more. The observatory staff has also been amazing, mentoring and assisting with any of my questions. Also, bonding with the staff and fellow interns while working, eating a great meal made by this week’s volunteer, has been a great experience.

As I leave you today, there is light snow falling atop the summit with moderate winds. Though the week began with little to no snow on the ground, there has been increasingly more and hopefully much more to come!

Josh Fisher – Plymouth/Summit Intern


Joshua Fisher,  Summit Intern

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