2011-05-18 15:37:56.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer and Meteorologist

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end – Semi-Sonic, “Closing Time”

If you listened to the radio at all during the turn of the century (yup, we’ve lived through one of those!) the aforementioned lyric may sound pretty familiar. The song became a party-ending, bar closing anthem. It is particularly poignant to me this week. This is the beginning of my last week on the summit as the educational weather observer. It has begun true to Mount Washington’s reputation – foggy and wet.

My new and exciting beginning will be in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan, where I will endeavor to study for a master’s in atmospheric science! And, to play on the lyrics a little bit, my beginning’s end is the new beginning for two of the four summer interns and the museum supervisor on our shift. The Observatory welcomes Pete, Tom, and Erin for the season. I must apologize to them in advance. I’ve been known to be a bit off the wall hyper at times. With powerful emotions of excitement, grief, relief, happiness, and anxiety coursing through my veins, I’m not sure whether I’ll burst into a fit of giggles or tears.

The good thing is I’ll have wonderful distractions; the interns need to be trained on tours and observations and I still have a lot of knowledge to impart upon my replacement. My ability to compartmentalize will certainly come in useful this week!


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer and Meteorologist

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