2007-09-24 15:18:04.000 – Alan & Barbara Macgregor,  Summit Volunteers


We have been volunteering at the MWO for the past week. They say that Mt. Washington has the worst weather in the world. At the beginning of our shift however, such was not the case. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and calm winds prevailed. The sunrises and sunsets were spectacular. A grand contrast took place Sat. night into Sunday, when temps. dropped into the 40’s, wind chill became 20’s, and wind speeds increased to near 80 mph. High winds, but beautiful clear days have continued.

Many other contrasts have taken place. From the hustle and bustle of shift change day, to the calm of reading a book with Nin in your lap. From meal prep and other tasks, to hiking on trails that abound near the summit. From crowds of people arriving at the summit by rail, car, and shuttle, to the quiet of the evening meal where staff and crew all get together for the first time each day.

In stark contrast also to the Worst Weather concept, is the staff. Kyle, Zack, Linnea, Karen, Steve, and Sharon could not have been more helpful or pleasant. What a marvelous gang with whom to spend a week.

So it has been an exciting week for us. Surrounded by the unique weather and environment of “The Rockpile,” and the observatory staff that made the week such a delight.


Alan & Barbara Macgregor,  Summit Volunteers

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