2007-09-07 05:26:02.000 – Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist


The staff in our offices in North Conway have not answered the phone. Our FAX’s have gone unanswered. Where are they? At the Symposium of course! That long awaited day (or two) has finally arrived and all of the hustle and bustle has just moved to the other side of the mountain.

As a landmark event for the organization, we have gathered together an impressive group of scientists, educators, and specialists in the field to present information concerning a topic many people are interested in. I’ve already received a phone call about today’s high temperature on the mountain – we are at 53 degrees F at 6 AM and the temperature is still rising. Forecasted to reach the mid 60’s F up here today, our 30 year average for the day is only 43 F, with a record high daily temperature of 64 F set in 2001. Does the potentially high temperature today mean the summit is getting warmer? Drop in at the Symposium today and tomorrow and find out! Ask the Symposium Presenters your questions too!

Skies should clear a little a bit later on this morning, giving the folks at the Mount Washington Hotel some glimpses of the summit. It will still be hazy throughout the day, with lots of warm moist air in the region limiting the visibility overall.


Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist

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