2007-08-29 12:40:05.000 – Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern


As my time comes to a close on Mount Washington the past week has been bittersweet, and my trip to the summit last week was basically a snapshot of my feelings the past week. I hiked up last Tuesday night under the moon and stars which was unspeakably beautiful. As I watched the lights of Portland far in the distance and leisurely approached the summit I didn’t want the hike to end, much like my internship up here. As the temperature dropped though and my muscles started to ache I had to press forward despite the grandeur all around me. So now for me with graduate school hopefully coming soon among other circumstances I am forced to move on.

The truth is I’ve had a phenomenal summer up here, easily exceeding my wildest of expectations. If you wish to immerse yourself in the weather and environment I truly cannot imagine a location more fitting than this. I’ve learned plenty about the North Country, weather, and most importantly myself. I’ve deiced in July, debugged anemometer programs, made countless radio forecasts, and can certainly handle a sling psychrometer by this point. Every day truly brought something new and amazing to the summit; be it wild weather, or interesting new people and unique events to keep us on our toes.

My thanks go out especially to all those who have graced our shift this Summer, as you’ve truly made this experience for me above anything. I also have sincere thanks to give to the members for their support, as without it I wouldn’t have been able to have this opportunity. Whether you were up as a volunteer, around for a tour, or simply chatted with me down in the museum shop for a brief moment you’ve helped make this Summer exceptional. This organization truly is amazing and I’m lucky to have been able to have played a role in it, even if it was only for a few months. So as the sun sets on my time here I wish nothing but the best for all of the staff and the new group of interns here. If you experience is even half of what mine was you will certainly have memories to last a lifetime.


Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

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