2007-08-13 00:35:16.000 – Kyle Paddleford,  Meteorologist


One thing that I no longer have to worry about anymore is getting a case of the Mondays. You see, Monday falls in the middle of our shift week here on the summit. Returning to work, or the real world as they say, Monday morning is such a part of life that many songs have been written about it. For example, there is Monday Monday by the Mamas and Papas and Manic Monday by the Bangles to name a few. Sing with me, you know the words! Ok, now that I have gotten those tunes stuck in your head for the day I have to apologize, but to make up for it I have a treat for you.

Friday’s West View Sunrise

The sunrise was absolutely amazing Friday morning, and I can honestly say it was one of the most spectacular that I have witnessed thus far. It was captured vividly by our west view webcam and was available for viewing as part of the premium content that we offer to our members. Each camera on our webcam network takes either a sunrise or sunset time lapse or in some cases both. There are also more webcam views available to our members. For all of you skiers, there is a great camera that looks in to Tuckerman Ravine that is more zoomed in than the standard ravines cam. This spring you could see a large crown from a recent avalanche in the ravine. You can also see how much snow is left in the bowl and help justify that one last ski run of the season. This is definitely one of my favorite webcams on our network. We all have different tastes though and there is no doubt that more than one webcam will spark your interest.

If you are already a member and have not taken advantage of the premium content that we offer, now would be a great time. We are entering a transitional season here on the summit and you can watch the surrounding area go from summer to winter very quickly. All you need is your membership number and email and you can sign up here.

There is one fact about this small organization that most people do not know about. We are a not for profit organization supported through memberships by people like you. For those of you who are members, I thank you for supporting the MWO. Knowing that we have people who appreciate our hard work and are interested in what is going up here makes the long hours and all that shoveling just a thing of the past. For those of you who may be thinking about joining, take a look at all of the great benefits of being a member. I have gotten to meet a lot of great people in my short tenure here that are as passionate about this place as I am, and I hope to meet a lot more. A visit to the summit to tour the Observatory, whether on your own or on one of our overnight trips, will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. Please help support the Mount Washington Observatory!
Kyle Paddleford,  Meteorologist

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