2007-08-10 05:19:42.000 – Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist

Clouds at sunrise.

Like many of our members and guests who interacted with with Lynn and Cathy (the so-called Twinterns), all of us here on top enjoyed the experience too. They are the first of the summer interns to depart, as the Maria and Dan team is now on their last week — school and life eventually beckons to all of our intern staff .

The new fall interns are coming on board soon, with the first of the new group beginning next Wednesday. The fall interns typically work until the end of December when we officially start winter up here. The intern experience goes back quite a way – when Rob Kirsch (now a former president of the organization) was working as Guy’s intern as early as 1978. Now we offer a small stipend to the interns (plus all of the food that our Volunteers can prepare) but the early interns actually had to pay for their experience.

Our fall interns will hail from Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Zealand. A nice mix of folks who will get to experience first hand what Mount Washington can give them. One of the things that they get to experience is this early morning photo taken by Kyle Paddleford just before he went to bed. The joy of observing the natural beauty of this place will never wear off.


Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist

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