2007-07-26 11:30:28.000 – Kyle Paddleford,  Meteorologist


As Dan mentioned in his comment yesterday, Wednesday is a very important day on the summit for many different reasons. The meetings usually do take center stage, but of equal importance is the chance to see some familiar faces that I have not seen in a week, and some unfamiliar faces that I am meeting for the very first time.

Traveling up the auto road the mood is very upbeat and there is always a sense of eagerness in the air. Yesterday was no exception to that. The whole trip up was fog free and as the view and visibility increased, so did the excitement level. I know that eagerness in the air and excitement levels are not meteorological variables, but after driving a full van up and down the mountain every week you begin to sense these things. Plus, I am an observer and therefore my duty is to be observant!

Speaking of being observant, I was fortunate to observe (I promise that is the last time I will use that word, or any variations of it in this comment) a beautiful day on the summit with warm temperatures, light winds, and great views. It was so nice that Nin, our resident mouse hunter, was out on the rocks basking in the warm sun. Cumulus Clouds generated by daytime heating of the landmass surrounded the summit with their bases below the summit and their tops sometimes breaking off and gently floating by only five hundred feet overhead. The same scenario is unfolding right now and it is mesmerizing to watch the motions of the clouds as rising air currents expand the clouds while turbulent air currents shift and shape other sections. It almost appears as if they are breathing at times.


Kyle Paddleford,  Meteorologist

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