2007-07-25 17:16:55.000 – Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern


With Wednesday comes another shift change, and most likely the staff’s most chaotic day (or at least morning) of the week. The day starts out early for at least one observer, with the duty of picking up food and supplies for the upcoming week while most are still asleep. All upgoing staff and volunteers then gather at the base of the auto road for an 8:15 AM departure time. We arrive at the summit typically around 7:45 AM (thanks to the transition from EST to EDT) at which point the massive unloading of the van with its food, supplies, and personal gear ensues. After some unpacking and mingling (to give the night observer a few more brief minutes of sweet slumber) everyone gathers into the meeting room for our favorite few hours of the week, meetings!

The main objective of the meeting is keeping summit employees on the same page, which is harder than it seems due to the crews being on separate weeks. The previous week’s progress and activities are detailed along with a look towards tasks and events for the upcoming week. Interns are also expected during the meeting to brief summit staff on the progress of their research during the past week and how they are progressing towards their goals. Now and then there are some additional meetings ranging from harassment or membership training to performing interviews for job candidates on top of this. After this a brief break for lunch typically occurs before the shift leaders go into another meeting with Ken for further discussion before all the meetings finally end. Mind you during all of this: observations must continue to be taken, the AIRMAP filter must be changed, the phone continues to ring, the morning “Live from the Rockpile” presentation must be done for the WDC, and the public is inquiring about tours… so Wednesday mornings are quite the happening time!

Despite some looooong meetings and tense moments they are key in keeping the summit running smoothly. For the downgoing shift it’s their last task of the week before six days of freedom in the valley, and for the new summit staff it’s a necessary update and preview of the week to come. And at least there always seems to be some kind of delicious food floating around the meeting room to help us all through!


Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

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