2007-07-15 14:26:52.000 – Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

Alpine Bocce

As Nin mentioned in his comment yesterday, the summit has been experiencing some periods of nicer weather of late. Staff and volunteers have gotten out on a number of hikes and our current Edutrip was able to get in a nice hike yesterday as well. Downtime has seen the observers and interns out on the deck kicking the soccer ball around (and occasionally off the deck… Zach…), and soccer may soon replace alpine bocce ball as our shift’s favorite pastime. There have been plenty of card games and TV watching too going on when the weather has been poor to keep us occupied on our off time. Sadly last night we went into the fog right around 9 PM, obscuring the delayed fireworks show in North Conway from our viewing. At least we’ve had some clearing as opposed to the last shift’s stint in the unending fog.

The nice weather has allowed for more site maintenance to get done as well, including fixing some internet issues the summit was having and getting up our summertime 3-cup anemometer. Of course the winds from last night’s warm front passing through proved to be too much for it and it was promptly removed, but at least it was up for a few hours nevertheless. Hopefully things will die down a bit later tonight and we can get back to some mellower, nice weather.


Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

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