2007-07-10 08:41:22.000 – Cathy Radonic,  Summit Intern

Sunday Sunset…

As Lynn mentioned in her comment on our last shift week, our internships are, for the most part, at the half-way mark. Today, as most people are just getting into their weeks, mine is coming to a close. This will have been my third shift week on the summit, with only two more to go. Although, Mount Washington has proved to me that two weeks is plenty of time for an infinite amount of excitement to occur.

In my past two shift weeks, I have seen everything from snow, glaze icing, 85 mph winds and lightning strikes directly over the summit, to an amazing sunset, a star-loaded sky, almost perfectly calm winds, and a 21st birthday. I pretty much got everything I could have wanted on my birthday: a grilled cheese dinner (my favorite food) from our volunteers, a FunFetti cake, and a clear night with sunset and shooting stars included. The break in the clouds was actually our first time out of the fog in a while, as you may have gathered from our Obscast, so it was an extra appreciated event. I’d say the next exciting event after the sunset (I forgot to mention the fox made an appearance!) was the thunderstorm that brought a few direct lightning strikes to the summit. I have to say, I’ve never heard lightning crack that loud until last night, so it was definitely worth staying up for.

Finally, I want to thank everyone here at the summit for making my birthday one I won’t forget. Jim and Brian stayed up until midnight (very late for our day observers) to witness my official birthday-beginning with me, Lynn made a plethora of birthday décor in my honor, Patricia and Betsy, our volunteers, made me a delicious dinner and cake, Sharon sent me a great E-Card, and Zach gave me a nice birthday mention in his last comment. So again, thank you so much for making it a great 24 hours!


Cathy Radonic,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

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